Bankruptcy / Debt Relief

Ed has been helping people with financial problems for over twenty years. During your first free consultation, he will answer all of your questions and tell you just what to expect. Establishing the attorney-client bond we are able to identify the forth coming steps to achieve success. We will provide all the insight and experience our firm offers to ensure you are comfortable with the outcome.


We have been handling all aspects of Divorce which include child custody, and the financial impact of splitting one household in to two. Our firm has forms for contested and uncontested divorces on file for your review which will better prepare you for the upcoming events. Financially this can be devasting even result in either spouse filing Bankruptcy which we can counsel you thorough and provide stability in this trying time.

Social Security Disability

Mr. Fawwal has substantial experience in disability matters having
practiced before the Administrative Law Courts of the Social Security Administration for a period in excess of twenty- five years. His success rate in appeals is in more than ninety-five percent (95%).
Consultation fees are waived for the initial consultation in such cases.

Worker’s Compensation

Mr. Fawwal has represented hundreds of workers in the area of Alabama’s Worker’s Compensation laws. Specific experience includes back injuries (upper and lower), shoulder injuries (rotator cuff tears, etc.), repetitive use injuries (carpal tunnel syndrome), environmentally caused injuries (hearing loss, respiratory conditions), lower extremity injuries (meniscus tears, ACL tears). Mr. Fawwal is available for free initial consultation in these types of cases.

Personal Injury Law / Wrongful Death

Mr. Fawwal has ongoing relationships with some of the top Plaintiff s attorneys in Alabama. An association by Mr. Fawwal with one of these firms will not result in any additional fees to the client and the initial consultation in such cases is free of charge.

Family Court

Mr. Fawwal was formerly a special assistant attorney general for the State of Alabama Department of Human Resources for the period between 1982 – 2005. At such time, he acquired extensive experience both the areas of child welfare and child support/paternity. He has represented both Plaintiffs and Defendants in such cases and his fee for an initial consultation is $50.00 with the fee being applied to the retainer if representation is undertaken. His normal hourly rate for representation in such cases is $200.00. Mr. Fawwal is also certified as a Guardian ad Litem under the rules promulgated by the Administrative Office Courts.

Probate Court / Adoptions

Mr. Fawwal has extensive experience in the administration of decedent’s estates, conservatorships and guardianships, adoption proceedings, both contested and uncontested. For the administration of small estates (less than $100,000.00 value), flat fees are charged based on the opening and closing of the estate and the filing of any Objections to Claims submitted while the estate is pending. Initial consultation fees for such matters is $50.00 with the consultation fee being applied to the retainer if representation is undertaken.

Domestic Relations

Mr. Fawwal also has handled hundreds of divorce/modification/contempt cases in the Domestic Relations Courts in Jefferson County, Shelby County, Tuscaloosa County and Bibb County, Alabama. His normal hourly rate for representation in such cases is $200.00 and the initial consultation fee is $50.00, which would be applied to the retainer if representation is undertaken.

Criminal Law

Mr. Fawwal served as a prosecutor in the Tenth Judicial Circuit, State of Alabama, Bessemer Division, from 1979 – 1981. He has represented numerous Defendants in various municipal and state courts in misdemeanors, felonies, probation revocations and similar matters. Initial consultation fee in criminal matters is $50.00, which will be applied to the retainer if representation is undertaken.